Business operations

SkartaNYAB is a builder of a clean future. Business operations of the group focus on energy, infrastructure, and industrial construction, as well as project development in renewable energy. SkartaNYAB is taking a particular advantage of its strong position in northern parts of Finland and Sweden, where the planned investments in carbon-free industry for the coming decades will amount to dozens of billions of euros. In addition, we have projects in Stockholm area, where accelerating urbanization increases needs for sustainable infrastructure. We strive for profitable growth and see excellent growth opportunities in all our business areas in Finland and Sweden.

Our business consists of five business areas:

Energy and grid

We focus on implementing carbon neutral energy projects in cooperation with industrial and public bodies. We see possibilities especially in wind and solar energy, and in future also in green hydrogen solutions.

Balance of Plant (BoP) construction refers to the infrastructure and electrical work of a wind park, covering all construction with the exception of turbines. SkartaNYAB specialises in BoP projects and has been involved in the construction of more than a hundred wind power plants.

In BoP projects, our experts take charge of the bigger picture, starting with design and soil research. We then move on to constructing the lifting zones and the foundations, including challenging concrete casting. We also build the internal power network of the wind park, including cable installations, and connect it to the national grid. Moreover, we carry out any auxiliary work needed by the wind park, such as repair or construction of the road network. In addition to BoP projects, we are happy to respond to requests for tenders concerning smaller concepts as well, according to the customer’s needs.

Heavy industry

SkartaNYAB’s strong competence and ability to make innovative decisions create the foundation for successful specialised and industrial construction. This is supported by our state-of-the-art equipment and hardware.

We build industrial facilities for operators such as production and logistics companies, workshops and the paper and mining industries according to the customer’s needs. We also boldly tackle the most challenging specialised construction projects, such as biopower and thermal power stations, water treatment plants, industrial halls and production facilities. In addition, we carry out special projects, such as house-moving with zero waste.

Our added value to specialised and industrial construction projects is, above all else, strong project management and competence in challenging groundwork and concrete work. We are constantly developing and optimising our processes and technology.

Our customers have learned to trust our expertise and cooperative abilities created by our decades of experience; we work seamlessly with all of our cooperation partners and stakeholders.

Land improvement

Companies in SkartaNYAB have more than 70 years of experience in various land improvement projects. Our  services cover everything from foundations  to the needs of house building.

States, municipalities, ELY Centres (Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment), construction companies, and other customers and partners trust in our reliability and expertise in demanding projects. Our expertise is appreciated in various land improvement projects for thermal power stations, central wastewater treatment plants and wind parks, for example.


Companies in SkartaNYAB have decades of experience in challenging road, railway, and bridge construction work. We produce various traffic routes and the related zone construction efficiently, precisely and with a customer-oriented approach. The competence created by our long experience helps us organise and schedule work so that the traffic can flow as efficiently and safely as possible throughout the project.

As bridge construction experts, we plan and execute any bridge work as a turnkey delivery from small bridges to large bridge structures on land and over waterways. In addition to bridges, culverts and tubular bridges for vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, we construct various types of concrete and steel covers, viaducts and ramps. In connection with bridge construction, we carry out all the auxiliary work, such as land use planning, asphalt work and railing, barrier and lighting installations.

In addition to new bridges, railways, roads, streets and pedestrian and bicycle routes, we repair and improve existing traffic routes. We also maintain state and municipality infrstructure on long-term perennial contracts.

Energy solutions

We designed the pioneering Near Energy concept for municipalities, cities and industry to aim for carbon-neutral local electricity. With the Near Energy concept, we cooperate with our customers in responding to the opportunities created by the shift in the energy market by offering locally produced electricity.

In practice, Near Energy means competitively priced electricity produced with wind and/or solar power for local operators. For them, Near Energy offers above all locally produced, affordable energy while promoting their image and competitive strength. Near Energy also increases local competence and demand, creates construction and maintenance jobs and contributes to a positive atmosphere and new vitality.

In addition, we work in cooperation with Solarigo Systems Ltd in the development of industrial-scale solar energy projects.


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