Why invest in SkartaNYAB?

Why invest in SkartaNYAB?

Long experience and strong expertise in demanding construction projects SkartaNYAB has decades of experience in demanding infrastructure and specialised construction, and with its long experience, it also has a significant number of references to various sites during the operations of the group companies. Careful project selection, offer calculation, implementation, and focus on risk management at all stages of projects are key to managing successful projects. This has led to high organic growth with a high margin and a diversified backlog with numerous perennial and collaborative contracts.

Long experience and established position in zero-emission energy projects

SkartaNYAB is one of Finland’s leading wind farm builders, as SkartaNYAB has been involved in the construction of more than 100 wind turbines since 2012. SkartaNYAB’s position close to renewable energy and energy storage customers and technology suppliers enables expanding its business to developing, planning, implementing and owning projects.

A strong position in the fast-growing market in the Northern Sweden region

SkartaNYAB has achieved a strong foothold in engineering construction in the market of Northern Sweden. SkartaNYAB is taking advantage of its strong position in the Norrbotten region where the planned investments in carbon-free industry for the coming decades will amount to dozens of billions of euros.

Competence and continuous development of personnel

SkartaNYAB’s core expertise is the project management competence of demanding construction projects. In project operations, project work planning, cost management, quality management and schedule management play a central role. SkartaNYAB takes care of the competence of its personnel and the continuous development of their expertise. Skills related to the achievement of objectives can also be acquired through strategic acquisitions.

Entrepreneurial leadership and active ownership

Entrepreneurial, bold and flexible management focuses on responsibility and the high-quality end result of work. Active ownership enables the development in accordance with SkartaNYAB’s strategy and the necessary capital as well as the responsible growth of the company’s value.