Management transactions

The management of SkartaNYAB Plc and their related parties must follow the instructions below when reporting transactions.

Managers and their related parties must notify SkartaNYAB Plc of the transactions they have made immediately and no later than three (3) working days after the transaction. SkartaNYAB Plc ensures the reporting of transactions to the Financial Supervisory Authority and publishes them as a company release without delay upon receiving the notification.

Instructions on how to submit a business transaction report

  1. Complete the transaction report form on the website of the Financial Supervisory Authority. The following information is required to complete the form:
  • SkartaNYAB Plc’s LEI code: 743700UX7WTIOT3QO547
  • SkartaNYAB Plc’s share identifier:  SKARTA
  • ISIN code of SkartaNYAB Plc’s shares: FI4000153515
  • Notification reference: Automatically generated for the form

2. Send the completed form of the transaction to SkartaNYAB by email.